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                            Strong magnetic separator

                            Strong magnetic separator

                            Strong magnetic separator is a new type of separator of our company. It canbe used in all kinds of nonferrous metal, purification of iron.
                            1. Overview
                            Magnetic separator is widely used in building material, chemical, mining, ceramics, non-ferrous metal, nonmetalliferous ore, glass etc.. Its main function is to use the permanent magnets to separate the ferromagnetic materials and the non-ferromagnetic materials.
                            2. The classification of magnetic separator
                            According to physical properties, the selected material is divided into liquid and solid materials. The dry magnetic separator is selecting iron in solid materials. The wet magnetic separator is selecting iron liquid materials. The development of magnetic separator has undergone several times repeated use and competition. But the permanent magnetic separation machines replaced the electromagnetic machine is a constant rule in the developing history of magnetic separator. Especially in recent years, the development of magnetic materials in our country is rapid. We have developed and produced the Nd-Fe-B materials with a variety of sizes and performance. 
                            3. The composition and characteristics of the strong magnetism rooler type magnetic separator
                            The strong magnetism rooler type magnetic separator is composed by the frame, receiving hopper, electromagnetic vibration feeding engine, strong magnetic roller, non-magnetic drum, annular leather belt, driving motor, hopper and? controling cabinet. The magnetic roller is the ore of the whole equipment, which is also the most valuable part. It is composed by the non-magnetic cover, non-magnetic core ring leading- magnetism conjugate layers and ring tombathite permanent magnetism strong magnet. The ring leading-magnetism conjugate layers and the ring tombathite permanent magnetism strong magnet spread phase-to-phase, and there is no magnetic scroll. The intension of magnetic induction of the strong magnetic roller can reach to? 8000-14000 GS. The magnetic roller is composed by the tombathite permanent magnet strong magnetic ring and the high permeability conjugate layers according to the principle of permanent magnet and gathering magnet. Using the strong magnet roller for the core, it can make the dry single roller or many rollers belt magnetic separator.
                            The characteristics of the equipment:

                            The feeding device is used the controllable silicon power controller to control the electromagnetic vibrating material feeder to make the material evenly. And the quality and thickness of material can be rectified.

                            The belt speed is controlled by the frequency transformer, and can be rectified.

                            Electric voltage: A.C.220V

                            Total power: <1.5KW.

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