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                            2XCTN Series Permanent Magnetic Separator Wet

                            2XCTN Series Permanent Magnetic Separator Wet
                            Uses and characteristics: 
                            This machine is designed for heavy-medium coal preparation plant design magnetic media recovery complete countercurrent drum magnetic separation equipment. The equipment of the magnetic field distribution of beneficial effects of fine powder of the largest recycling, clever design of Le separator in the slurry flow to the corresponding generated Heli structure, so that greatly improved the recovery of magnetic minerals, the device on the material flow, concentration and other parameters adaptability, widely used in heavy medium coal preparation plant. 
                            How it works: 
                            Use of permanent magnet type of equipment produced by the magnetic lines, magnetic minerals in the pulp, absorbing lead up to the cylinder surface, and together with the cylinder rotation, to be out after the magnetic field of gravity, (scraper) under the from outside, rather than the magnetic material from the tailings mouth exclusion, the role of complete separation.

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