RCYZ series pipe automatic magnetic separator

                            RCYZ series pipe automatic magnetic separator

                            This separator is in addition to used to remove iron in the cement, slag bags and before the process of bulk iron,
                             chosen cribble and the rolled powder before put into the grinding. It can be installed on the production line of powder to remove the iron impurities in the powder automatically in order to avoid jamming iron. It is the latest energy efficient equipment.


                            It is small and easy to install, and has reasonable structure. It can be used when connected with the pipeline.

                            It has high efficiency and long life because of the high strength NdFeB permanent magnets.

                            It can work continuously, automatically without care after starting.

                            It is applicable to the closed powder delivery system. There is no dust when working, so there is no environmental pollution.

                            The function of removing iron is continuous and constant. The process of eliminating iron is intermittent (the time interval is adjustable). So it costs low power and the equipment wears slowly.

                            Principle of operation:

                            The machine is connected with the conveying pipeline which angle is 45°-75°. When the material goes through the machine, the magnetic material is absorbed to the manganese steel wall of the magnetic separator. Then the magnetic material moves to the entrance with the permanent magnet, and departs from the material.

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