Pipe separator (remove iron in liquid materials)

                            Pipe separator (remove iron in liquid materials)
                            1. Applicable industries: 
                            Pipe separator is widely used in food processing, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, plastics, ceramics, water pipes Iron and other industries. 
                            2. The environment of adaptation : 
                            Liquid pipeline separator is used to eliminate the liquid and slurry flow in the chip-like skin rust, oxides and iron contaminants, suitable for 13 to 457MM in the pipeline. Optional magnetic products, rare earth materials, the device is easy inspection and cleaning.
                            3. The main technical characteristics:
                            1. The Magnet is used the latest technology of production of NdFeB permanent magnet, which surface magnetic field strength is not less than 12 000 gauss; 
                            2. Optimal Design of magnets isproduced by the high gradient magnetic field, to ensure the removal of iron is good; 
                            3. It can work under the pressure of 10 atmospheres; 
                            4. The working temperature can be reach to 80 degrees Celsius; 
                            5. It is specially designed for easy installation and the unloading miscellaneous iron, reduce labor intensity; 
                            6. When it works,it does not consume energy, low cost.There is no moving parts, so it is easy to operate and mainten; 
                            7. Can be produced in accordance with sanitary specifications.
                             4. The working principle:
                            The pipe separator through the flange is connected to the pipe, when the liquid flows through the middle of the separator, the strong magnetic ferromagnetic material will be adsorbed to the magnetic bar by the magnet. When it works for some time, pick the magnets group out, the ferromagnetic materials will be adsorbed by another set of iron magnet to the collecting room. When unloading the iron, take the connecting flange,then the ferromagnetic material can be removed. 
                            5. Using methods and notes:
                            1, The separator is connected to the pipe by the flange. 
                            2, Before take the magnets group out, it’s better to stop work to unload the iron. 
                            3, If remove iron below, close the valve in front of the water pipe.

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