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                            Magnetic force to the compactor

                            Magnetic force to the compactor

                               Magnetic Equipment Co., Ltd. Weifang Bo Site produced by magnetic force to the soil is widely used in kidney bean, soybean, red bean, green bean and other small grains to the soil, to iron, claritycan be achieved above 99%, stone and other support to Equipment better.

                            CQT series magnetic drive to the soil, referred to earth machine, is the company's technical staff and several well-known domestic and foreign research institutions crucial, according to the customer and market needs, drawing on similar products at home and abroad on the basis of continuous research and experimentation, through the three Years of continuous improvement, has been successfully to market.

                            The machine is mainly used in food processing industry, can food materials (such as soybeans, black beans, mung beans, lentils, red beans, kidney beans, sesame, etc.) and iron clods of materialseparated from the soil to remove iron impurities, Improve product quality

                            Using rare earth permanent magnet material of the magnetic system, magnetic field strength of up to 12000GS roller over the surface with great depth through the magnetic, magnetic intensity, in addition to soil, in addition to high iron and so on. Magnetic spiral arrangement according to the rules, seamless volume, large absorption area. Use of safe, reliable, continuous automatic addition of soil, iron, vibration feed, adjustable feed control, yield 3-6t / h,, mechanical transmission is simple and reasonable, low maintenance costs.

                            Carbon steel and stainless steel rack has two options.

                            Compared with similar products, good quality, excellent price, welcome to inquire.

                            According to customer demand production equipment, if necessary, special design for your company!


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