Magnetization scale cleaner

                            Magnetization scale cleaner

                            Assembly manufacturing of permanent magnetic materials, magnetization descaling system, a set of equipment, provide a strong magnetic magnetization cleaning device by magnetic field on the liquid magnetic processing, without any energy and power. Water treatment the ability 2m3/h-12000m3/h basically meet the needs of industrial water production equipment supporting. Installation of old equipment can make the original scale cracks gradually softening loose, off on their own scale thickness 5mm-20mm in three months to clear, and never generate a new scale. No significant change in the magnetic field strength within a decade. 

                                Product features: anti-scaling efficiency of 98%, 96% of the descaling efficiency, corrosion inhibition efficiency of 98%, biocide efficiency of 96%. 
                                Features: energy saving, stable performance, low cost, the effect is significant, easy to install, does not occupy space, without any energy and power, high-grade explosion proof magnetically shielded, fully control the servo more than 20 years, no maintenance, the most successful international and domestic non-polluting anti-scaling, cleaning.

                            Range of applications: 1, stove, boiler; 2, furnace, heat pump; three kinds of heat exchangers; 4, the condenser; 5, evaporator; 6, the cooling tower: refrigeration systems, (b) industrial coolingwater systems;air-conditioning systems; 7, non-cyclic flow system; 8, the dust collector; 9, humidifier; 10, water distiller; 11, papermaking, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical equipment; 12, metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, chemicalwater recycling systems; 13, power unit; 14, the water cold air compressors; 15, wine and beverage processing equipment; 16, public buildings, waterheating pipe network.
                                The basic functions of the permanent magnet cleaning device: 1. Water molecules group is smaller, reducing the surface tension of water, and enhance the penetration of water. (2) increase thedissolving power of water, increase the dissolved oxygen content of the cleaning function and water, improved water sterilization and antibacterial. Effective in preventing scale formation, thedescaling allows calcium and magnesium ions in water become longer and the precipitation of amorphous crystallization, thus causing the water molecules between the Parties to work together tobecome water residue, and these water residue will be easy with the boiler blowdown row outside the furnace. Effective removal of the original scale, destroyed the original ion electrostatic attraction between the state, resulting in the piezoelectric response, the particle potential rise. Suspended particulates in this part of the high potential impact to the original scale of the low steady state surface, the part of the energy will be transferred, resulting in the steady state of the original scale, become loose and fall off easily. (5) to effectively prevent the rust layer formation, make the boiler heating surface opposite to the formation of a layer of mint electrical protective film to avoid the problem of chemical and electrochemical corrosion of boiler heating surface. 6, due to theincreased dipole moment of water molecules, it salts are anion attractiveness increased, so that heating equipment, the original old dirt on the wall gradually cracking, softening loose off on their ownto achieve the purpose of Anti-fouling . Once cleared, the scale shall bear no dirt. Production equipment in a clean state final to achieve environmental protection, energy saving effect.

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