Magnetic pipeline rust

                            Magnetic pipeline rust
                            Pipeline is strong magnetic rust allow red rust and rust red water no longer occurs:
                            Red rust (iron trioxide) is an unstable substance, easy and oxygen-binding reaction. Continuous oxidation (rusting) causing rust block in the pipe gradually increased. In addition, the construction of Red rust is weak, may change as the water quickly, which is cause of the formation of Red rust water.
                            Pipeline magnetic rust-proof iron oxide antirust method, is red rust black rust tough material, does not dissolve in the water, it will solve the problem of Red rust water. And generation of iron oxide protective film, hard, corrosion-resistant, can protect piping will not be eroded. This is iron oxide antirust method, is to solve the water red rust problems, extend piping have to use the most effective way of life.
                            Magnetic pipe antirust principle of managing the rust by rust:
                            Carbon steel pipe, galvanized steel, aluminum-coated steel pipe (SGP tube), vinyl chloride-coated steel pipe (VLP tube) whole or portion of the water because of long years of contact with water, must have a case of corrosion. When more and more serious in the case of corrosion, red rust water situation will also be more frequent, serious corrosion can cause rust block proliferation, thus leading to wall plug. Last tube rupture due to serious corrosion, initially leaking case. To solve the problem of rusted pipe before, only the grinding wall and get a new tube. But, by pipeline strong magnetic antirust device activation processing of water or solution, strong polarity molecular or ion in magnetic field in the movement Shi produced weak of induction current, charge accumulation in boiler or device tube wall Shang, and strong magnetic Hou of water and solution in the of ion electrode sexual mutual attract, in boiler or device tube wall Shang formation a layer load electric sexual instead of protection film, protection has device within wall does not by corrosion, let production device always is latest of work State.
                            Rust, black iron oxide antirust coating causes: promoting hydrogen oxide of iron (Fe (OH) 2) and hydroxides of iron (Fe (OH) 3 → with iron oxide (Fe3O4) generated ﹦ Magnetite, black rust
                            Inhibition of ferrous hydroxide (Fe (OH) 2) and the water of oxygen ions (OH-) into → inhibition of ferric hydroxide (Fe (OH) 3) forming ﹦ suppression, prevention of Red rust water, red rust
                            Product standards:
                            Full compliance with national standard: CJ/T 3066-1997
                            Applicable water quality:
                            Water, cooling water, hot water, industrial water, surface water, ground water, swimming pool water, landscape fountains of water, and so on.

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