Concrete magnetic water treatment device

                            Concrete magnetic water treatment device

                            BO-SI-TE    Concrete magnetic water treatment device

                            Simple Introduction:

                            "Bo Site Concrete magnetic water heater"is our company's exciting technology based on the most advanced,Chinese and foreign scientific experts in precision circuit design,With the world's leadingchip and rare earth magnetic far infrared ray treatment of advanced technology,Production and construction of concrete developed the most sophisticated equipment necessary.


                            "Bo Site Concrete magnetic water treatment device"mainly used for concrete mixing water treatment magnetic activity.

                            The product is treated by mixing water,can be used in a variety of large-scale mixing of concrete mixing;as can greatly improve the strength of concrete,Shorten the clotting time,In compression, tensile, bending, shear, wear, durability is especially prominent;while reducing the amount of cement,stir in water consumption and saving,widely used in commercial concrete mixing, highways, bridges, precast concrete, site concrete construction, high-rise buildings, concrete dams and other large and small concrete projects.


                            Polar molecules of water molecules in ordinary water, water molecules attract each other to form large molecules, macromolecules are not attracted to a single molecule of water group spreadbetween large molecules.Compared with the large molecules, single molecule of water physical and chemical activity is very strong, but because of the single molecules of ordinary water, very little water, so the water activity is not high, not the full hydration of cement, cement hydration only The surface of cement particles.When the water passes through a magnetic field, the role of themagnetic field lines, the large molecules into smaller water molecules fission, these small water molecules re-ordered, between water molecules increase the electrical attraction.As small molecules of water physical and chemical activity and a strong penetration can be infiltrated into the cement grains, so that the full hydration of cement, thereby increasing the strength of concrete, cement,water resistance, frost resistance, durability, chemical stability, etc. Has improved significantly.

                            Technical principle:

                            Since the dissolution of cement and hydrated minerals in the formation of supersaturated solution, spontaneous diffusion of these minerals to the size of colloidal particles, the formation of the cohesion structure of thixotropic and, finally, the occurrence of crystal structure, growth and enhancement of water on the process of magnetic activity Will have a positive impact.Magnetic activityas the activity of water greatly enhanced it with cement for hydration, hydrolysis time, make it easier for water molecules from the surface of cement particles into the particle interior, enhancedhydration hydrolysis, accompanied by generation of new minerals To increase the density of concrete, uniformity, and fundamentally improve the strength and durability of concrete to save the amount of cement.

                            Magnetic activity of the water permeability of concrete fell.Magnetic activity of mixing water treatment, water-cement ratio of concrete so that the project can be reduced by improving thestructure (shrinkage pores and reduces the volume of capillary pores), thus reducing the permeability of concrete.All these factors make the concrete resistant to freezing greatly improved, the researchers found that: the magnetic energy active water mixed concrete in the freeze / thaw cycles to increase more than 70 times, and some experimental results even up to 100 times.

                            Prominent Features:

                            One,Magnetic activity of the standard deviation of water concrete and coefficient of variation are lower than ordinary water mixing concrete, water, magnetic activity and shear strength of concretecompressive strength increased by 27%.

                            Two,Neutralizinged to carry on a search under the industrial condition(reinforced concrete member plant) in the laboratory, the result expressed that the intensity of concrete raised 15~20%, result stability good.The science researcher discovers that the intensity even can raise to 43%.

                            Three,In many ways practice income result: The cement intensity not only doesn't descend while reducing cement dissipation(9~26%) while using the concrete magnetic belt water machine, on the contrary the intensity of the concrete shows a Zhao exaltation.(raise 14~33%)Reduce cement 18% the intensity raise maximum, around 33% is or so.With reduce cement 18% computing, the concrete of the cube can economize cement to reach to 0.07 tons each time or so.Only need a few months, even can withdraw the expense of installation equipment for a few weeks.

                            Conformity assessment procedure:

                            Completely match a national unit to issue standard:CJ/T 3066-1997.

                            Note what projects:

                            1.Collision and beat against concrete magnetic water treatment device;

                            2.Normal use of magnetic water heater temperature -40 ℃ - 100 ℃;

                            3.The working condition of acis alkaline will make the concrete magnetic belt water machine be subjected to damage;

                            4.Should put vestigital water in the net magnetic belt water machine while stopping using in winter, so as not to the impact uses next time.






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