Domestic use of magnetic devices

                            Domestic use of magnetic devices

                                  Bo Site Home magnetizer by several Chinese and foreign scientific experts, and combined with the most advanced technology to produce healthy drinking water products, the series of products using advanced "magnetic energy gathering" and "far infrared targeting" technology, the magnetic field by the water channel, the design of more sophisticated and more reasonable, more powerful, the formation of a steady stream of strong magnetic field, magnetic capacity of up to 5700 - 12000 GS, energy activity than similar products by 38%, completely beyond the other similar products.After the impact of magnetic quantum uninterrupted tenacious, forcing water molecules hydrogen bond angle changes, so that nano-quantum, and re-ordering, H2O microscopic physical and chemical indicators of subtle changes have taken place, its distinguishing feature is the change of raw water molecules Mission activity of small molecules of water, enhanced the role of H2O and the hysteresis effect of polarization, which effectively prevent scale formation, and CaCO3 and MgCO3, and other harmful decomposition structure, water permeability, solubility, diffusion capacity also improved, as the body's cells more reactive oxygen species, promoting metabolism, reducing fatigue.

                                 After a visit to discover the actual user, Bo Site Home magnetizer of coronary heart disease, insomnia, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, psoriasis, rehabilitation of patients withgallstone disease has played an important role in promoting people to drink a real Healthy water, which is the second revolution in the history of human drinking water. "magnetic therapy ", as peoplegradually understand science, human health is growing contribution to make.

                            Bo Site home use main effect of magnetic devices:

                            1.Effectively prevent, interfere with the formation of scale is hard to form scale, water heating, cooking time-saving, energy saving;

                            2.Clearing smoke, hangover effect is obvious, the effective protection of health;

                            3.Significantly enhance the taste, more sweet and cool and delicious;

                            4.Promote secretion, improve digestion, excretion smooth, treatment of constipation;

                            5.Improve sleep, improve sleep quality;

                            6.To reduce, remove chlorine taste, mouth and trachea are not protected stimulation;\

                            7.Help the body absorb, drink a glass of magnetized water, equivalent to seven cups of plain water;

                            8.The ecological activity with, can easily penetrate the skin, the skin at any time to maintain adequate moisture, skin care beauty, anti-acne acne, removing mites;

                            9.Let dry hair hair absorb more moisture, improve hair and split ends, brittle, dry and so on;

                            10.Therapy to alleviate skin diseases (psoriasis, psoriasis, luck, athlete's foot), inhibition of fungal dissemination and regeneration;

                            11.Improve the stones, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis and diabetes and other symptoms;

                            12.Watering flowers and plants to promote growth, extend the flowering period; irrigated crops can improve the germination rate, so that crop yield.
                            Product Standard:
                            Full compliance with national ministerial standards: CJ/T3066-1997
                            Suitable for use:
                            ⑴, water: to improve water quality, help the body to absorb, improve immunity, beauty and soothing;
                            ⑵, household use of central air-conditioning: scaling, cleaning, sterilization, algae;
                            ⑶, domestic gas, electric boiler and other household appliances: scaling, cleaning, energy conservation;
                            ⑷, household use of the sauna room: anti-scaling, cleaning, steam nozzle to reduce congestion;
                            ⑸, solar water heaters (including air-source heat pump water heaters): scaling, cleaning, saving energy consumption, to prevent pipe blockage;
                            ⑹, humidifier: scaling, fouling, improve indoor air comfort.

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