Magnetic water treatment device

                            Magnetic water treatment device

                            Bo Site water processor is the use of magnetic rare earth neodymium magnet assembly is made of high strength, is a set of equipment and provide a strong magnetic, magnetic water treatment device by the magnetic field on the magnetic fluid treatment, without any energy and power.The maximum can provide up to 10000 - 12000GS magnetic field, the use of trillions of nano-magnetic field density magnetic fluid activation, without any energy and power.Water treatment capacity 2 m3 / h-3000m3 / h, the production of basic equipment for industrial water to meet.

                            Twenty years, no significant changes in magnetic field strength.

                            Product Features:

                            The experiments show that 98% scaling efficiency, cleaning efficiency of 96%, 98% corrosion inhibition efficiency, sterilization efficiency of 96%.


                            Energy-saving environmental protection, stable performance, low cost, significant effect, easy installation, less space, without any energy and power, the magnetic field completely closed, leakage ofpremium anti-magnetic shield, more than 20 years of normal use, no maintenance, is the world's most successful Energy-environment-friendly anti-scaling, cleaning the magnetic energy activation technology.

                            Normal for the water temperature ≤ 80 ℃, for high temperature, please explain in advance, the choice of temperature resistance.Magnetic water treatment device with ordinary magnetic compared to the advantages of magnetic devices:

                            One,More advanced performance: the performance of magnetic water processor is common, more than double the magnetic water treatment chemicals, water, a magnetic equivalent of twoprocessors P magnetic properties of magnetic device performance.

                            Two,More advanced technology: magnetic water processor design more scientific, more widely used not only by magnetic magnetic water treatment technology processors also include magneticplasma panel technology and sacrificial anode technology. The general magnetic magnetic magnetic treatment are only used.

                            Three,Stronger magnetic field: magnetic field lines generated by water processor distribution more closely, is the universal magnetic field strength magnetic devices more than 2 times.

                            Four,Use a wider range: strong magnetic magnetic hardness of the water processor can handle more than 1000mg / L of water, and general handling of magnetizer magnetic hardness 300mg / L or less.
                            Five,Use of different materials: magnetic water processor king NdFeB magnetic materials, magnetic field strength is used by the general magnetic material more than twice.
                            Six,Life than ordinary magnetic magnetizer longer.
                            Seven,Under the same conditions as the water quality magnetic water treatment device sterilization, algae higher.
                            Eight,In small diameter difference between the use of magnetic devices: magnetic water processor compared to the magnetic than ordinary magnetic treatment device is more effective, easy toplug the pipeline than the magnetic magnetizer general much higher processing power.
                            Nine,Water processor up to 11000GS magnetic field, with a special magnetic circuit combination treatment, enhanced wastewater treatment can be applied to electrolytic cell, enhanced coagulation and sedimentation, reduced dosing and cost savings.

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