Fuel (gas) energy saving device

                            Fuel (gas) energy saving device

                            The fuel (gas) Energy Saver handling of hydrocarbons, the molecular structure is changed, the molecular bond angle changes, the distance between molecules increases, fuel viscosity decreased, resulting in fuel (oil, gas) in the fog before combustion , Thinning level much higher jet of oxygen to the combustion chamber conditions at the end of the full combustion, reducing the amount ofequipment the blast, reducing heat loss, combustion equipment to reduce emissions of air pollution, save fuel, protect the environment .

                            Application of results:

                            1, After the fuel by the Energy Saver, combustion efficiency, can be fuel-efficient 2.87 to 6.10 percent. And clearly see the bright shining flame, smoke less, clear and transparent furnace.Combustion chamber temperature, the engine (engine) horsepower increase.

                            2, Clear the phenomenon of burning oil nozzle coking and to prevent further Coke, so the engine cylinder and spark plug removal of carbon deposition, etc., and to prevent further carbon deposition.

                            3.Not fully discharged by the fuel combustion chamber wall product residue phenomenon, to environmental protection energy-saving effect.

                            4.ydraulic system in the complete removal of the wax scale, to prevent further fouling, so that clean oil flow.

                            5.Significantly reduce emissions from combustion equipment for air pollution. Emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), nitric oxide (NO), hydrocarbons (HC) and other harmful ingredients significantlydecreased the discharge of hazardous waste reduced by 40% or more. Meanwhile, the dust content in the exhaust can be reduced by 30% -40%.
                            Fuel (gas) Energy Saver diameter pipeline flow and diameter as the original equipment, no additional resistance; easy to install, requiring no significant changes to the original line; without any energysaving devices, no manual operation, easy to control; long life, much more than equipment And the life of the pipeline, such as properly applied, the magnetic field strength of fifteen years were notsignificantly decreased.
                            Fuel Application:
                            Pit furnace, boiler, shipbuilding, fuel (gas) direct gas turbine, generator sets, power units and so on.



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