Sterilization cleaning device

                            Sterilization cleaning device

                            Sterilization cleaning device

                            Bo Site water processor is the use of magnetic rare earth neodymium magnet assembly is made of high strength, is a set of equipment and provide a strong magnetic, magnetic water treatment device by the magnetic field on the magnetic fluid treatment, without any energy and power. The maximum can provide up to 5700 - 12000GS magnetic field, the use of trillions of nano-magnetic field density magnetic fluid activation, without any energy and power. Water treatment capacity 2 m3 / h-3000m3 / h, the production of basic equipment for industrial water to meet.

                            One,Air Conditioning System

                            Frozen in the air conditioning system, cooling water circulation system applications Bo Site sterilization cleaning, which can be effectively controlled in the condenser, evaporator heat transfer surface and the formation of scale generated by the cooling tower algae. Air-conditioning systems, especially cooling water circulation system, because the system is open-type, system operation with the evaporation, loss, water will gradually decrease, the system need to pay to make up water due to the different seasons, summer, water is usually the complement winter meeting of 7 to 8 times of water for bacteria and algae problems scale and the traditional methods of water at the water difficult to adapt to this change, Bo Site sterilization cleaning system installed in the main inlet pipe on the host, all access to the host The water can handle that, able to adapt to the needs of a large water change.

                            Two,Industrial cooling water system

                            In industrial production such as petrochemicals, steel, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, water cooling water systems generally use a larger general approach to water treatment dosing ortreatment, while most of the open system is open, the water The loss more than pay a large amount of pharmaceutical dosage large and difficult to control, Bo Site sterilization cleaning device as long as the cascade of major equipment in the system main water way, can effectively solve the system of scale and bacteria and algae problems.

                            Three,Boiler system


                            In the small pressure hot water boiler system, in the running for some time will be formed in the furnace and the pipe scale, such as cleaning up is not timely, piled dirt layer thickness, increasing the system's water resistance, a serious cause Burst pipes, leading to the retirement system; and increased consumption of large quantities of coal or electricity, resulting in great waste of energy. The entrance to the boiler installation Bo Site sterilization cleaning device, while strengthening the system of the sewage control system can effectively solve the scaling problem: compared to the originalterms of the old scale, the magnetic cleaning device long after the water Cooking time in the boiler and recycling, and gradually soften the old scale, cracking into pieces fall off.


                            Four,Heat exchange system

                            Heat exchanger is widely used, but the heat exchanger after a period of time at work in the heat transfer surface fouling, heat transfer efficiency of the system, increase energy waste, and manywater heat exchanger is not recycled, which More difficult for the water, if the dosage would be very wasteful, Bo Site sterilization was obvious advantages of cleaning device, the operating cost is very low, just magnetic cleaning device mounted on the heat exchanger to the inlet.

                            Product Standard:CJ/T3066-1997 "the magnetic water processor "

                            Applications:1. Stove, boiler, high-end hotel, bath, beauty, feet

                            2. Furnace, heat pump, all kinds of heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators

                            3. Refrigeration system cooling towers, industrial cooling water system, central air conditioning system

                            4. A non-circulating water system, dust collector humidifier, water distiller

                            5. Wine and beverage processing equipment

                            6. Metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, chemical water recycling systems

                            7. Water, cold air compressors, power wading device

                            8. Public buildings, water heating pipe network

                            9. electrodialysis, reverse osmosis membranes, ultrafiltration water treatment equipment, etc.

                            10. papermaking, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, chemical and other equipment


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