Solar energy magnetizer

                            Solar energy magnetizer

                              Domestic solar water heaters currently in use for some time, the prevalence of vacuum tube scaling, corrosion is very serious, so that solar water heaters 'thermal energy conversion rate ' dropped significantly shorten the life of a solar water heater: On the other hand there may be a lot of raw water Bacteria, algae and other microorganisms exist, long-term accumulation in the solar wall,storage box, suitable temperature conditions in the large population to make the water yellow, and even stank, gave rise to serious health risks.

                            "Solar magnetic device "is specifically for solar water heaters within the existing scale and quality of secondary pollution problems, water quality improvement in many ways to extend the life of solar water heaters, water with high magnetic activity, activation of human enzymes, softening the blood vessel, Beauty skin care, promote metabolism, effectively remove fatigue, enhance physicalmechanism of resistance.

                            This product is high up to 5600GS magnetic energy device, when the water to a certain speed through the strong magnetic field perpendicular to magnetic field lines, can lead to electronic excitation, the precipitation of ionic precipitation, so that the resulting lower precipitation intensity, no longer form a rigid and orderly crystal, but as snow accumulation, as, due to the combination of it and the wall weak, do not adhere with the water washed away the surface equipment; the same time as the water molecules dipole moment increases to match the appeal of positive and negative ions by salt large, the solar wall, an old water tank on the original scale gradually cracking, loose softening, off on their own, to Anti-fouling purposes. Scale once cleared, will not end the new scale, method of cleaning because it is purely physical scaling, will not cause secondary pollution to the solar equipment is always in clean condition, to achieve environmental protection and energy saving.

                            Main effects:

                            With the solar magnetic device, you will be surprised to find ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                            Wash - delicate skin, reduce and prevent dark circles, dark spots, freckles, the effective fresh, clean skin and maintain skin moisture balance, significantly dilute the face fine and dry lines, improve rough skin, firm skin, so that the face Department of the skin more smooth and delicate. Bath - enjoy the "spa", small molecules active water depth soften the cuticle, to bring exceptional skin moisture and light feeling, perfect pH balance, replenish nutrition, skin tender and smooth, flexible, color more evenly. Various skin diseases can be prevented, reduce, eliminate skin diseases (psoriasis, psoriasis, rich hand, athlete's foot, etc.) symptoms, inhibiting the spread of fungus and regeneration. Shampoo - can prevent scalp itching, dandruff, dry hair and allow hair to absorb more moisture, improve hair and split ends, brittle, dry and so thoroughly improve the hair, so hair soft shiny, glossy black , full of vitality, without conditioner. Laundry - activation of water, thoroughly break down dirt and stubborn stains removal, with excellent activity and remove the odor by Bai Zengyan function. Without even washing powder water activity solely with the magnetic laundry, washing effect is also very satisfactory. Vacuum tube - no rust scale, greatly extending the life of solar energy Solar wall panels, storage tanks - bacteria, algae and other microbial growth is no longer breeding, water quality is no longer yellow and stank, so that your solar energy is always clean as new.

                            Product Standard:

                            Fully in line with the national ministry standard: CJ / T 3066-1997。

                            Applicable water quality: tap water, cooling water, hot water, industrial water, surface water, groundwater, swimming pool water, landscape water fountains.

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