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                            Magnetic frame series

                            Magnetic frame series

                            This product is iron removal filter device, not under the influence of material, mainly for cleaning powder, liquid or granular raw materials and ferromagnetic impurities in the slurry, wet process and dry process production can be applied.Widely used in ceramics, electricity, mining, plastics, chemicals, rubber, pharmaceutical, food, environmental, pigments, dyes, electronics, metallurgy and other industries.Protection of the machine, place a simple, easy to clean, iron effect, the magnetic field in general between 8000 ~ 12000 GS, iron nearly 100%.

                            How it works:Magnetic filter frame is made of high quality stainless steel and high B value of the rare earth alloy NdFeB and the use of special production methods is made. And their combination in the holder, the form of magnetic filter holder.When the iron content of the material through, attracted by the magnetic rods, iron-containing material will be adsorbed on the solid wall, and to ensure the integrity of equipment and product safety.

                            Features:No energy, no pollution, can be installed on the production line can be anywhere in contact with the material, space-saving, easy installation, NdFeB rare earth alloy used mainly as amagnetic source, the magnetic force strong, simple structure, long life style in accordance with specifications Customer requirements and production of any changes to customize the site conditions.

                            Magnetic filter holder (magnetic frame)

                            1, according to the following material hopper aperture (square or round), magnetic layers, magnetic root number, magnetic diameter, can be divided into a variety of models, such as ¢ 300 × 2 layers× 11 × ¢ 20  magnetic frame That the upper diameter of 300mm, the upper and lower bar magnet, a total of 11 ¢ 20 of the magnets;

                            2, the magnet diameter is divided into ¢ 16, ¢ 20, ¢ 22, ¢ 25, ¢ 28, ¢ 32, ¢ 50, and other specifications;

                            3, in order to achieve better results than iron can also be made of multi-layer, multi-root;

                            4, all stainless steel, the rack body solid, permanent use;

                            5, according to a variety of special products to customer requirements.

                            Can be processed according to a wide range of products to customer requirements, product quality according to GB13560-2000 and JBT8711-1998 implementation.


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