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                            Magnetic bar

                            Magnetic bar

                             I made use of BST-CB series ferrite magnet Wang———NdFeB rare-earth magnetic,Through sophisticated circuit design, the surface magnetic field up to 8000-14000GS above.

                            How it works:Bar magnet is made of high quality stainless steel and high B value of the rare earth alloy NdFeB and the use of special production methods is made.In the retention mechanism can be combined to form the magnetic filter.When the iron content of the material through, attracted by the magnetic rods, the material will be solid iron absorption in the magnetic bar on the wall to ensure the integrity of equipment and product safety.

                            Features:No energy, no pollution, can be installed on the production line can be anywhere in contact with the material, space-saving, easy installation, bar magnet NdFeB rare earth alloy as a magnetic source, the magnetic force strong, simple structure, long service life, specifications, patterns can be Production according to customers requirements and any changes to customize the site conditions.

                            The diameter of the main magnetic bar ∮ 16, ∮ 20, ∮ 25, ∮ 28, ∮ 32, ∮ 50 and other specifications, and configurations can be welded at both ends of a variety of pull-ring, hex screws and screw holes, diameter and length can also be Required production.

                            The products are mainly used to remove powder, granular and liquid or slurry ferromagnetic impurities, widely used in ceramics, electricity, mining, plastics, chemicals, rubber, pharmaceutical, food, environmental, pigments, dyes, electronics, Metallurgical industries.


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