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                            phase advancer

                            phase advancer

                            Origin: Linqu Shandong 
                            Model: SPM (WP)
                            The WP series static phase advancer is used the advanced frequency converters and computer controlled technology. It is the local reactive power compensation equipment which is designed for large and medium wound asynchronous motors.
                            Performance and characteristics:

                            its compensation effect is much better than capacitor compensation. And its performance is much better than the self-excitation (rotary) phase advancer.

                            the power factor can increase to more than 0.95, reactive power can decrease 60%.

                            it can reduce the electronic stator current 10%-20%, save line and copper 20%-30%.

                            the motor temperature reduces significantly, and the overload capacity and efficiency increase greatly, which extend the motor life.

                            with the ability of fault detection and protection, good work, simple operation and easy maintenance.

                            energy saving effect is remarkable. You can recover the cost about half a year.

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