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                            CT Series midfield strength permanent drum

                            CT Series midfield strength permanent drum
                              CT Series Permanent Magnetic Drum is a strong midfield wet magnetic separator. Its magnetic source is composed by the "magnetic king" which is the NdFeB hard magnetic materials and ferrite. The surface magnetic strength of the drum can reach to 2500GS, 2800GS, and 3200GS in order to satisfied different requirements. When the equipment is used with sand mining facilities, it’s the most ideal special equipment for electing iron from the sand.
                            Technical performance: 
                            Cylinder diameter: 750mm
                            Cylinder length: 2200mm; 2600mm
                            Rotation speed: 25-30r/sub Angle: 192°; 212° 
                            Field strength of the cylindrical surface: 2600GS
                            (Field strength, length and angle can be customized)
                            Principle of operation:
                            Give water to the sand which is from river, then put the sand into the lattice sieve, after sieve off the stones, put the sand into the plate with homogeneous mineral tank, add water to the sand again, then the sand goes to the area which has high magnetism of the roller surface. The high-grade iron sand is adsorbed to the roller surface by the high magnetism, and then is transported to the lower washing sand area by the rotating cylinder. After wash the sand, the iron is transported to the mining area in the collecting tank to be a high grade of iron sand. The non-magnetic sand goes to the last slot directly. Then achieve to the purpose of collecting iron.

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