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                            Quantitative Filling Machine

                            Quantitative Filling Machine

                            Product operation manual

                            One、the operation box schematic

                            The chassis positive effect diagram

                            The rear of the chassis

                            1, set; 2, return; 3, adjust (weighing state: to skin); 4 choice (zeros); 5 quickly unloading regulation;

                            6, slow unloading regulation; 7, operation; 8, suspended; 9, launched; 10, unloading indicator; 11, operation indicator; 12, box, door locks; 13, inverter control panel; 14, 220 V power input; 15, 220 V three-phase motor output; 16, the pedal switch; 17, electronic says.

                            Two、Product Description of Functions

                            1, set: the set function to confirm the key. Weighing interface, short press the SET key to enter the material ratio of the quick setup menu, long press the set button can be included in theparameter setting menu option; parameter settings, set the key can be used as the save button or the Enter key.
                            2, return to: cancel the operation, exit the setup function. Menu option, press the option key you can do to view or cancel, press and hold the option key to exit the parameter setting menu.
                            3 adjustments: in the menu settings interface, short press this key to change the cursor at the digital. Weighing state, the short peeled processing can be done.
                            Four choices: in the menu settings interface, short press this key to change the cursor position. Weighing state, the press can be done manually set to zero processing.
                            5, rapid discharge regulation: clockwise rotation to improve the speed of the fast discharge.
                            6, a slow discharge regulation: clockwise rotation to improve the speed of the slow discharge.
                            7, run: When the machine stop the unloading, Press to return to work.
                            Pause: pause discharge.
                            9, start: start unloading.
                            10, the discharge light: red light directions full of need to discharge.
                            11, run indicator: green light indicates that the unloading work in progress.
                            12, chassis locks: the side of the chassis locks, repair equipment.
                            13, the drive control panel: adjust the inverter use.
                            14,220 V power input: 220V AC power input.
                            15,220 V three-phase motor output: 200V three-phase motor output.
                            16, Foot Switch: Control start unloading.
                            17 electronic: Electronic interface.

                            Three、product installation debugging process examples

                            This product is assembled, the need for early debugging for proper use.
                            Commissioning steps are divided into:
                            An electronic calibration settings.
                            Two ingredients parameter settings.
                            The specific operation is as follows:
                                Electronic calibration: weighing the interface, long press 1 to 3 to 5 seconds, the instrument display windows, the Set-1 ", then press 3 to adjust to the Set-menu item, press 1 to entercalibration interface, the instrument display 0000, clean-up at this time known as the Big Dipper, to ensure that said bucket is empty, wait for the next window the basic stability of the internal codevalues (only the last two digits change), identified as press 1 to 0:00 ; on the instrument display windows 0000 flashing, weights or objects of known weight into said bucket (4 keys to move theblinking cursor flashing at the input weight or heavy weight value cursor keys to adjust the figures size), waiting for the code value (only two digits after the change), click the 1 key to determine the calibration weight value, this time the instrument will automatically return to weighing interface and display weight or the weight of heavy objects. Value and the actual weight value, inspection and calibration is accurate, error value and the actual weight value, re-calibration can be in accordance with the above method.
                                Parameter setting of ingredients: Take 5000g material example, five key clockwise rotation to a maximum of six key counter-clockwise to the minimum. Weighing interface, press 1 to enterinterface, press the 4 key to move the cursor, press the three keys to adjust the show is 5000, press 1 to determine the second interface in advance the amount of interface, the interface tomodify the show number 700. Press 1 determined to enter the third screen of the impulse gravity correction interface, the normal state is set to 30, this shows that the number of do fine-tune theuse. Material such as the machine is operating normally, 5000g, but the materials have been 4990 plus or minus will need to be 30 modified to 20 or so, the following material has been floatingaround in 5010 you will need to be 30 revised to 40.


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