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                            Screw scale

                            Screw scale

                            Main features:

                            1. It is specially used to measure and control the powdery materials.
                            2. The feeding screw has unique stable flow structure. The powder sink evenly in the section of feed inlet, hard to cake and sweep.
                            3.Using cycloidal pin-wheel reducer motor, ensuring long-term stable working.
                            4. The steady flow screw is used the variable pitch structure and
                            overflow export to solute the problem of powder washout. (if the production is more than 60t/h, we use dual steady flow tube.
                            5. Measuring screw scale has three high-precision helical sensors (pull) to weigh directly, which successfully resolve the erro caused by weighing lever, so the measuring precision is improved.
                            6. It use the digital acquisition module, to make the effective resolution reach to 1 million, the sampling rate reach to 50 times per second, the dift is less than 50PPM per year, temperature drift is less than 50PPM.
                            7.Using sealing structure, which reduce the dust outside.
                            1, measurement accuracy: ≤ ± 1%
                            2, control accuracy: ≤ ± 2%
                            3, speed range: 10:1
                            4, Working Mode: Continuous
                            How it works:
                            The signal of the material weight from the measuring screw sends to the measurement and control system of 3U403 or 3U600 which cores are microprocessors. Compare the set number and the actual delivery weight continuously, and adjust the speed of the steady flow screw in order to make the flow rate on the setting number.

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